Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Asian Noodle Bowl with a Sweet Southern Flair

One of the gifts that I am most proud of is finding a guitar teacher for my husband.  He actually loves the theory and the rules of playing and is really enjoying the instructor/consultant I found as his Christmas gift. When he first started, he would go for lessons on Saturday morning, and was usually wedged in between the kid who didn't want to be there, and the kid who really wanted to be there but had not practiced.  All of this to say, one Saturday morning on his way home from guitar lessons, sweet hubs decided to go peruse our local asian market.  It is a great one, by the way.  We tell all our friends about it and often take out of town visitors there to eat.  They have an ENTIRE AISLE OF NOODLES! Simply put, it's awe inspiring.  He bought a sampling of several kinds of noodles, fresh, frozen, dried, Soba, ramen, lo mein, etc.  So we have been trying each of them in several ways, and I wish I could tell you a favorite, nope.  They are ALL good.
I started making noodle bowls a few months ago and really love the simplicity and endless possibilities as to what you can add. I saw someone add an egg to the boiling noodles and watched it poach in the water as the noodles cook (best with fresh/frozen noodles that cook quickly) until it was the perfect little pearl in the sea of broth and noodles!
I will keep this short and sweet, and you're gonna be amazed at how easy it really can be!

2 boullion cubes (Good ones, I use Knorr low sodium)
4 cups water
Corn (We  had leftover from roasted corn from the weekend)
1.5 Cups of chicken cubed (This is great for a rotisserie chicken)
Asian Noodles - look for the ones that are soft or frozen, (a trip to the asian grocery is fun, but not necessary - you can find these at your local grocery)
2 Eggs
Chinese 5 spice, just a dash (optional)
Toppings - Scallion, Cilantro, Sprouts, Sriracha, Jalapeno, Avacado - what every makes you happy!

In just one pot, bring the water and boullion to a boil with a dash of the Chinese 5 spice  (if you are a purist, use chicken stock and season it) add in the corn, chicken, and noodles. Let it return to a slow boil and carefully break 2 eggs into the boiling mixture then put the lid on the pot and remove from heat when eggs poach and look opaque.  
NOW for the fun part - building the bowl!  
Transfer the noodles to 2 large bowls, then the eggs, then pour over the broth, corn, chicken mixture.  
I love mine topped with Scallions, Cilantro, Spicy Sprouts, and Jalapeño.  
Helpful hint - if you like your "soup" a little thick, while it is boiling, mix 2 tsp corn starch into 2 T water making  a "slurry" and pour into boiling pot.  Stir.  
This can be modified to suit all kinds of items you have in your fridge on any given day!
I'd love to hear how you made it your own!

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  1. That looks sooo good! My Laura cooks good Asian food, too!