Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pumpkin Spiced Creamer - Perfected!

I am the child of a scientist and never realized the impact that it has on my every day activities. Cooking is my favorite scientific outlet, because there is always a way to change it up and sometimes it is wonderful, and sometimes it is just a learning experience.  In the words of my sweet husband, there is no failure, only feedback.
Last year, in the true fall spirit of Pumpkin Spice-A-Palooza, I posted the recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Creamer.  It is one of the most wonderful uses for the Pumpkin Spice and saved a bunch of money on pumpkin spiced lattes!
I hope that you don't find this crazy, but PUMPKIN SPICE IS NOT REALLY ABOUT THE PUMPKIN.  There, I said it, and it is true.  Pumpkin spice is the essence of all of the beautiful autumnal pumpkin baked goods that celebrate the richness of fall.
Now, that I've explained why, I will simply say this - I made this recipe and left the pumpkin out completely.
How was it?
SPLENDID! Didn't miss the pumpkin at all.
So - I'm reposting the recipe, and challenge you to be your own kind of kitchen scientist.  Use this recipe as a guideline and experiment to your heart's content!

Click the link below for the recipe

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